Parenting as a Spiritual Practice – Self Guided Course

Already A Student?


  • Everything you would get in the live course; the only difference is you are taking it on your own, at your own pace, rather than as part of a larger group.
  • Eight weekly teaching sessions + practice sessions that you can listen to & download
  • Handouts with guiding questions, practices, prompts for journalling and reflections, and additional resources,
  • An exclusive Facebook group to connect with others who are taking or have taken the course,
  • Recordings of Bonus calls: three 1-hour interviews with renowned parenting experts, Dr. Siegel, Michael Gurian and Dr. Gordon Neufeld to supplement the course content and deepen your exploration.
  • 60-page article by Miriam Mason Martineau on parenting your whole child, considering the individual and collective aspects of the parent-child journey, as well as the interior and exterior modes of experience and reality.
  • Reduced rate for one-on-one private counselling/coaching sessions with Miriam, should you choose to add this supportive element to your journey during your course time.
  • Access to course materials for 1 month after the course ends.
  • Monthly zoom call for everyone in our parenting community — those currently taking the course, as well as any alumni who would like to jump on. We may be many, we may be just one or two people on these calls. I, Miriam, will be there, regardless. It will be a space to connect, and to deepen the course materials together. Our date: first Wednesday of every month at 9am PT – access details will be sent to you beforehand.

Terms and Conditions – Refund and Cancellation Policy :
If for any reason you discover, after Week One, that you are unable to complete the course, a refund can be requested at that time. Once course materials for Week Two are issued, no further refunds will be issued. A US$ 45.00 processing fee will be deducted.